The best ideas come from talent. Actually, let me rephrase that in a way so I don’t make my own job obsolete: the best ideas come from working with talent.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule that everyone must adhere to or we’ll never produce another good piece of content again. Rather, it’s more a kind of personal philosophy that seems to have yielded better results than trying to attach talent after the fact.

Not only is the quality of ideas better but the idea comes from somewhere genuine. This authenticity shines through when selling to commissioners, having a talent who truly believes in the project from the beginning helps immeasurably.

It’s this authenticity that will not only help push it over the line but it will also be evident on screen when producing the final product. It’s easy (and foolish) to underestimate viewers but audiences are incredibly perceptive and can tell instantly whether this idea comes from the heart or if a talent has been shoehorned in late in the day. Coming up with the idea first and the talent second feels like a square peg in round hole approach.

In an age where traditional TV presenters are becoming increasingly obsolete, working with talent who are passionate and driven about what they’re working on seems to be the best way forward.

Peter Strauss, Development Producer at Spirit